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New List Handling Software for

Matti Aarnio has started writing his own mailing list software, similar to majordomo. Matti's tool relies on MySQL for all mailing list data (not for emails, of course, just for data relevant to the lists themselves). He also improves on some of majordomo's security features, for example, making it difficult for one user to maliciously unsubscribe another from a given mailing list.

He didn't exactly give a cogent explanation of why he feels a whole new list-handling software tool needs to exist; but, then again, who says a guy can't just go have fun coding up some list-handling software when he wants to? So far he's only done a few days work on the project. We'll see if it develops a following.

More Options for Kernel Binary Compression

Albin Tonnerre has submitted patches to support LZO-compressed kernels, in addition to the gzip-compressed kernels that are already supported. This new support for LZO-based kernel compression is valuable (in spite of the fact that gzip actually achieves better compression than LZO) because LZO actually decompresses faster than gzip.

If the difference in compression ratios were not so high, and if the difference in decompression speeds were really great, then there would seem to be plenty of reason to consider adding LZO compression to the kernel. However, judging from the conversation so far, Albin still needs to justify LZO over other forms of compression, and he will probably have to answer other technical questions as well.

HTC Dream Phone Support

Pavel Machek has posted some patches to support the camera on the HTC Dream phone. His patches also provide some support for the touchscreen on the same device, based on code from Arve Hjønnevåg.

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