Kismet, Aircrack-ng, and Karmetasploit

Protecting Yourself

Even cautious users can't be certain of security. Most pay-to-access wireless networks do not include encryption because the provider would have to share the password with everyone in advance. That means an attacker could easily get a copy of it and decrypt traffic anyway. Even if a provider has a properly secured SSL-encrypted payment gateway, there's nothing to prevent anyone from watching your traffic or sniffing passwords, for example. Encryption of all your network traffic will provide such protection, as I covered in my "Secret Tunnels" article [6]. If you don't have a server to run your VPN traffic through, you might want to try the IPREDator VPN service [7]. IPREDator provides a PPTP-encrypted [8] VPN connection for EUR 5 a month, tunneling all your traffic to Sweden, where strict privacy laws should prevent access to it.


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The Author

Kurt Seifried is an Information Security Consultant specializing in Linux and networks since 1996. He often wonders how it is that technology works on a large scale but often fails on a small scale.

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