Redmond Announces Critical IE Patch

Microsoft has released a critical patch for Internet Explorer to plug a hole that lets a remote attacker gain the privileges of the current user. The attacker could create a carefully crafted web page that, when viewed using Internet Explorer, gives the intruder access to the system. The problem applies to Internet Explorer versions 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.

Users are encouraged to install the update as soon as possible. Microsoft points out that this problem highlights the wisdom of surfing from a low-privilege account – admin-level users who encounter this attack would give the attackers admin access to the system.

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Off the Beat * Bruce Byfield


The Sunset Years of Flash

Come September, only primary Flash content will play automatically in the Chrome browser. By contrast, secondary content, such as ads, will have to be specifically clicked before it plays. It's a small change, done by Google in cooperation with Adobe, but it appears to signal the beginning of the end of Flash and a scramble by advertisers to change technologies.


The Case for Paying Conference Speakers

Should speakers be paid at free software conferences? The question never occurred to me until I heard a recent Finux Tech podcast talking about the issue in relation to security conferences. Now, however, I have to admit that the guests on the podcast make a compelling case, if only as a token sign of respect.


LinuxCon Take-Aways

Between becoming re-acquainted with Seattle and trying to attend all the talks at the same time, my inner extrovert was glad to slink back to his cage after three days at LinuxCon. Maybe things would be less hectic if I attended more regularly than once every four or five years, but, still, I wouldn't have missed it.


Productivity Sauce * Dmitri Popov


Commie: Pastebin with Comments

Pastebin services are usually one-trick ponies: They allow you to publish and share code snippets, and that's about it. But Commie brings something new to the table: This pastebin service allows you to add inline comments to a code snippet after it has been published.


BoZoN: Slick and Simple File Sharing Web App for Your Server

When it comes to self-hosted file sharing web apps, you are spoiled for choice. But if you are looking for a simple and user-friendly app that is dead easy to deploy, you can do much worse than giving BoZoN a try.


Tutanota: A Promising Privacy-Focused Email Service

Despite its somewhat silly-sounding name, Tutanota is a serious open source email service and software that shows a lot of promise. In addition to keeping all your email and contacts encrypted, Tutanota also provides a relatively easy way to exchange encrypted email with your contacts.




Virtual environments in Windows Server * Nils Kaczenski

Along with the preview for Windows 10, Microsoft has released a technical preview of the upcoming Windows Server. The focus is on functions for complex environments. Microsoft has introduced some new features, especially in the area of virtualization.


Server administration using Cockpit * Tim Schürmann

Cockpit makes it easy to manage Linux servers: Four mouse clicks in the browser restart the crashed web server, and four more interconnect the server's network interfaces. Pilots flying in this cockpit, though, have to cope with a few limitations.


Automation with Ansible * Daniel Schneller

Ansible offers automatic provisioning and configuration capabilities similar to those of Chef and Puppet, but it's aimed more at admins than developers.


Creating a redundant array of inexpensive links * Konstantin Agouros

The Fault Tolerant Router daemon uses multipath routing among multiple Internet connections to keep you connected, even when some connections go down.

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