The new display servers


In the past, several projects have attempted to replace the aged X Window System, including Y and Fresco [24]. The chances for Wayland are good, however. The X11 successor has received broad support from industry leaders, such as Intel and Red Hat, as well as projects such as Gnome and KDE. Even NVidia has approached the Wayland developers about providing support. The previous level of development looks promising under Fedora, and KDE is already relatively usable with Wayland. However, the biggest disadvantage of Wayland is in the lack of network transparency.

Mir cannot offer network transparency either. Although it has demonstrated its everyday usability on smartphones, Mir still has not arrived on the desktop. The fact that Canonical is largely creating Mir single-handedly is probably one reason for the long development. Since even major Ubuntu derivatives have come out in favor of Wayland, Mir is likely to remain an isolated solution, at least for the time being.


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