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SuperTuxKart 0.9.3

SuperTuxKart has been on the nitro (i.e., for power) for some time now. Starting life as a quaint MarioKart homage, it's now the master of its own domain, and that domain just keeps getting richer, more playable, and more populated. It's now even available on Android, for free, and it's still open source! The basic play still features a story mode, where you drive around unlocking various challenges. This is much like Diddy Kong Racing, for example, where different lands reveal a set of different races against the AI-driven competition. There are time trial modes, grand prix cups, and multiplayer arenas, just as you'd expect, and like similar games, you'll be playing against cute avatars loosely based on those you see around Free Software circles: Gnu, Wilber, Puffy, Beastie, Konqi, Kiki, Pidgin, and Amanda will all look familiar, and the story mode has you face the evil Nolok.

This new version has taken over a year to develop and features two new tracks. The first, Candela City, is a Paris-like city at night time. The second new level is Cornfield Crossing, and this looks like a classic Nintendo level set around a summer farm, complete with jumps through the barn, a roller coaster section into the desert, and banana skins. Keeping up with the times, the game also embeds a screen recorder for recording a video of your fastest laps. It must be working, because plenty of players have already shared theirs, adding a new dimension to an excellent racer. As ever, if you donate more than $3.99 to help fund development, you also get access to the gift package tracks. This is definitely worth it considering how many things this project gets right, and it's still at its heart an incredibly playable racer.

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The awesome racing game SuperTuxKart is still open source and is now even available on Android!

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