Dashboard for RaspPi-controlled toy sailboat with Node-RED

Mobile Controller

The final step, enabling a smartphone or tablet to connect to the Raspberry Pi, can be accomplished either by making the Raspberry Pi a WiFi access point or by tethering the Pi to a cell phone. You can find some great guides online on how to set up a Raspberry Pi as an access point (e.g., the Raspberry Pi Foundation website [5]). For this project, we used the simple tethering method. Once the Pi is tethered to a phone, the Pi's IP address can be obtained from the Wi-Fi hotspot users list on an Android device (Figure 8). The Node-RED dashboard is accessed on your phone with http://<pi_ip_address>:1880/ui (Figure 9). Assuming everything is connected correctly, you should be able to control the sailboat with your phone.

Figure 8: Pi hotspot address.
Figure 9: Node-RED mobile web dashboard.


Once you have mastered the basic Node-RED programming and sailboat construction, other projects are possible, such as motor boats, iceboats, and airboats [6].


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The Author

You can investigate more neat projects by Pete Metcalfe and his daughters at https://funprojects.blog.

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