Raspberry Pi on the IoT


The volume of Python code for this project is manageable; the setup shown here looks more complicated than it really is. Nevertheless, it still involves a good deal of trial and error, because the documentation does not explain the setup from the command line very well, as it does for the web console.

At the end of the day, I created a 15-line shell script and an Ansible Playbook, which was also very manageable, for provisioning the Rasp Pi. The logical consequence of the Greengrass concept is that you can run any code on your own devices at no cost.

Because practical deployments often involve a large number of devices, a simple approach to centralizing code distribution is extremely important, which is what this solution accomplishes. The entire communication is secured by TLS, which is not the case with many self-made solutions, and you can update the Greengrass software with an over-the-air agent (OTA).

The Author

Konstantin Agouros works as Head of Open Source and AWS Projects at Matrix Technology AG, where he and his team advise customers on open source and cloud topics. His new book Software Defined Networking: Practice with Controllers and OpenFlow has been published by de Gruyter.

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