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If there's some task you need to perform regularly, it matters how efficient the process becomes, even if that task is simple. This is why the batch image processor above is so effective, and it's also why this neat little command-line utility also succeeds. In fact, the developer created it after noticing that the desktop calculator was being launched too often and wanting to stay on the command line. That's because Bitwise, as its name suggests, is going to be primarily of use to low-level programmers who often need to convert between binary, octal, and hexadecimal number bases, which is often a requirement when you're getting hardware to work or developing parts to plug into the kernel.

Starting Bitwise without any arguments will launch the small utility in interactive mode, with the cursor flashing in a field that accepts a decimal number. As you type a number in, its value for the other number systems is calculated and shown in real time. You can use either the cursor keys, or the Vim movement keys (h, j, k, l) to switch between the fields and enter your chosen number using a different base. With the binary field, you can turn on and off separate bits with the space key. Another similarity with Vim is that you can press : to enter the expression calculator mode. This lets you type expressions to be calculated, and the answer alongside the expression is shown in a history pane. You can also run this mode from the command line without having to enter the interactive mode at all. It's simple, and it's the kind of thing any programmer could build over their lunch hour, but it's also effective.

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As its name suggests, alongside base conversion and expressions, you can also use Bitwise to perform bitwise operations.

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