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Article from Issue 231/2020

Kube aims to unite your email, contact lists, calendar, and other online communications in one sleek modern package.

Pundits have been saying and writing that "email is dying" for decades now. I'll bet your inbox provides plenty of evidence that this is not true.

For a while, email's replacement looked like a "personal information manager," with messaging, contacts management, a calendar, task manager, and even an RSS-based newsreader. The idea was to have these applications under one roof (e.g., KDE Kontact, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Gnome Evolution), occasionally interacting with each other, but mostly simplifying these related tasks for the human who runs them.

The Kube project [1] is building a Qt-based "modern communication and collaboration client," with another organizing principle: Blur the lines between all these packages. If you want to interact with Bill Jones, open his profile and decide what you need to do next: Send an email, start a chat, or schedule a meeting. When Kube comes into its own, you'll see the traditional KDE emphasis on building software that works the way you want, with nearly endless customizability.


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