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© Lead Image © Baurzhan Moldabekov,

© Lead Image © Baurzhan Moldabekov,

Article from Issue 231/2020
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Create a bulb and tube analog thermometer with a Raspberry Pi and Python Turtle graphics.

Turtle graphics are a great way to get kids started programming. The Python turtle library offers simple step-by-step graphical methods that allow young programmers to create graphics with only a few lines of code.

I found that once my kids understood Turtle basics, we were able to do more advanced Raspberry Pi projects that used sensors, push buttons, and outputs. In this article, I share a Rasp Pi Turtle project that creates a graphic of an "old style" mercury thermometer animated with a Pi temperature sensor.

Getting Started

The Python turtle library is probably already loaded on your Raspberry Pi system, but if it is not, enter:


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