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© Lead Image © Nmedia, Fotolia.com

© Lead Image © Nmedia, Fotolia.com

Article from Issue 241/2020

Vimwiki, a Vim add-on, offers a simple and effective command-line wiki with a choice of markup languages.

Wikis have been a mainstay of free software development ever since they were first developed by Ward Cunningham in 1994. Today, they are best-known from sites like Wikipedia. As a collection of notes, to-dos, announcements, or even journals, a wiki remains ideal for project development, whether for a group or for an individual. Vimwiki [1] is a simple but effective wiki engine, flexible in its choice of markup and relatively quick to learn once it is set up.

Like other Vim add-ons, Vimwiki's installation depends on what plugin manager, if any, you use. Vimwiki's GitHub page offers a summary of all the different ways to install it [2]. However, one of the easiest ways is to install a Vim package and then generate the help tags:

git clone https://github.com/vimwiki/vimwiki.git ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start/vimwiki
vim -c 'helptags ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start/vimwiki/doc' -c quit


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