Developing Tiny Core Linux extensions

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© Lead Image © Xavier Gallego Morell,

© Lead Image © Xavier Gallego Morell,

Article from Issue 243/2021

Tiny Core Linux does not boast a big repository. Sooner or later, you'll need to create your own extensions to get the most out of Tiny Core. This article shows you how.

Tiny Core Linux [1] offers an extremely lightweight Linux distribution whose default install gives you only the bare essentials. With no web browser, email client, or office suite, Tiny Core Linux gives you just enough to run a graphical session, making it ideal for older computers.

While Tiny Core offers some software in its repository, if you intend to run a specialized application, such as a medical image viewer like the one used at my job, you will need to create your own package.

In this article, I will show how to create your own packages, or extensions as they are called in Tiny Core Linux. Because the general methodology for packaging an application does not change much across distributions, this article also will give you a general overview of what it takes to create a software package.


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