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Tutorial – SeedDMS

Article from Issue 249/2021

The SeedDMS document management tool helps your team stay focused and offers some powerful features for search, notification, and process control.

A Document Management System (DMS) is a file manager on steroids: a tool that stores files in orderly fashion but with many more features than a normal file manager provides. A team can use a DMS to co-manage documents of all sorts, from invoices to courseware, books, and product specifications, coordinating all their work on the document through an organized workflow.

SeedDMS [1] is a multiplatform, GPL-licensed DMS tool that provides version control, metadata search, and sophisticated workflow management. This tutorial will help you get started with managing documents in SeedDMS.

Why a DMS?

Before I plunge into the details of installing and using SeedDMS, I'll take a moment to address the question of why a DMS is even necessary. The first thing that any DMS gives its users is finer control – of both privacy and security. Total separation between DMS accounts and system user accounts also makes it much easier and safer to add temporary "guests" – customers or interns who need access to internal documents without full access to the system.


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