Create cross-stitch templates with KXStitch


Article from Issue 252/2021

KXStitch lets you design cross-stitch patterns with the option to automatically convert imported images.

Cross-stitch is a very old needlework technique. Formerly a pastime of the nobility or higher-ranking ladies, cross-stitch is now considered a popular and easy-to-learn hobby among children and adults alike.

In cross-stitching, you embroider a small X-shape on a coarsely woven fabric with a good countable structure. This is done by first applying a forward angled ground stitch followed by a backward angled cover stitch over the ground stitch, resulting in an X. However, there are also quarter, half, and three-quarter stitches – in cross-stitch jargon, they are known as broken stitches. In addition, there is the backstitch and the knot stitch, also known as a French knot.

There are numerous templates and motifs for cross-stitch available in stores and on the Internet but not always free of charge. Alternatively, you can design your own patterns with the help of your computer. KXStitch [1] offers an open source solution for creating your own cross-stitch patterns for Linux and the Raspberry Pi OS.


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