Flexible HiFiBerry replaces old audio amplifier

Musical Pi

© Lead Image © Author, 123RF.com

© Lead Image © Author, 123RF.com

Article from Issue 257/2022

A HiFiBerry HAT, the matching system, and a Raspberry Pi combine with two old speakers to create a contemporary boombox.

When my trusty audio amplifier bit the dust with crackling, hissing, and sound dropouts, the speakers and CD player from the hi-fi system still worked perfectly. My idea was to replace the broken module with a Raspberry Pi at a reasonable price. If it could receive music on Bluetooth, then all of my family members could feed it from their smartphones without leaving the couch.

A piggyback board from the HiFiBerry series combined with the matching system on a Raspberry Pi replaced this legacy audio amplifier. The system can play music sent over Bluetooth or other ways, and you can control it conveniently in a browser. However, the build and setup come with a few pitfalls, along with a few minor quirks in operation.

A setup like this is also useful for corporate meeting rooms: The presenter streams the audio output from the Raspberry Pi to the speakers, without wiring or even leaving their seat.


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