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© Photo by dix sept on Unsplash

© Photo by dix sept on Unsplash

Article from Issue 261/2022

Krita 5 includes an editor that makes it easy to prepare storyboards for any purpose, including unexpected ones.

Krita's new Storyboard Docker helps you prepare storyboards for animations and other multimedia projects [1].

If you want to visually create and narrate a story, a storyboard is an essential tool. Artists use storyboards in film, dance, comic strips, animations, and more. StudioPigeon [2] describes a storyboard as a visual representation of your story's narrative flow, scene by scene, drawn as simply as possible without using colors, backgrounds, character design, soundtracks, or any other details that you add later after the storyboard has been accepted.

A storyboard offers the quickest and easiest way to provide an overview of your story, check if it makes sense, and share it with others. Storyboards are used in creating all but the very simplest visual stories because they minimize the risk of wasting a lot of time – and possibly even money – due to confusion or misunderstanding.


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