Easy File Transfer with reep.io

Dmitri Popov

Productivity Sauce

Dec 18, 2014 GMT
Dmitri Popov

Instead of using a file sharing service to transfer a file from one machine to another, you can opt for a more straightforward solution offered by reep.io. Using this no-frills service, you can share files without uploading them to a third-party service.

Add the files you want to share, send the automatically generated link to the intended recipients, and they can transfer files directly from your machine. All communication is encrypted, and you have the option to protect the shared link with a password. reep.io won't replace a fully-featured file sharing solution, but it can come in handy when you need to quickly share a file or two with other users. reep.io's source code is released under the GPLv2 license and is available in the project's GitHub repository.

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