Pygmynote Update

Dmitri Popov

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Jan 27, 2014 GMT
Dmitri Popov

Although I use Pygmynote on a daily basis, I haven't tweaked it for a while. Basically, the script does what it's supposed to, and I didn't feel an urgent need to improve it.

Over the weekend, though, I finally got around to implementing a couple of small features as well as cleaning and tweaking the code. The most notable improvement is the addition of the new l command which makes it possible to add a record with a long note using an external text editor. The u command now also relies on a text editor for updating notes. The new version also introduces the g command which can be used to generate a static HTML page with records containing a specific tag. But that's not all: the new b command can be used to back up the database. The script features better error handling, too: error messages now show the actual errors.

And finally, the project now has its own page on GitHub Pages.

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