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Portland as an example of increasing women’s participation

Apr 29, 2009 GMT

Selena Deckelmann just posted a follow-up to Monday's post about getting more women involved with open source: What's changed? Portland as an example of increasing women's participation Selena says that 13 of the 15 attendees at last night's Code 'n' Splode were women. What's their secret? Drumroll please... "We ask women to participate."
Carla Schroder Reviews Pragmatic Version Control Using Git

Apr 29, 2009 GMT

Carla Schroder posted a review of Travis Swicegood's new Pragmatic Version Control Using Git book. Before digging into the book, Carla provides a brief look back at the dramatic birth of Git, saying, "Git is a distributed version control system/source code manager invented by Linus Torvalds, and was born of Shakespearean-worthy conflict and strife." Here's where I point out an interesting author factoid: Travis lives right here in Lawrence, Kansas, home of the Linux Pro North American office. Lawrence, Kansas? Yep. Come visit.
Getting More Women Involved in Open Source

Apr 29, 2009 GMT

Selena Deckelmann wrote a thoughtful post about what you can do to help increase participation by women in open source: What Works? Getting More Women Involved in Open Source. Selena writes, "All the hand-wringing over this problem that starts with “I don’t know what to do” can be solved by simply asking people to be involved. Politely, insistently and like you’re bringing them the best party you’ve thrown all year." On that note, Selena is one of the organizers of Open Source Bridge. If you've never attended an open source event before, I highly encourage you to mark this one on your calendar. I think you can expect a nice turnout of women and men at this...
All the PHPWomen that's fit to Tweet

Apr 29, 2009 GMT

PHPWomen are now on Twitter. You can follow them at: Who are your other favorite women in open source to follow on Twitter?
LinuxFest Northwest 2009: Event reports

Apr 29, 2009 GMT

If you went to LFNW 2009 and wrote a report, let me know so I can link to it. We have magazines flying to print this week and deadlines beating us over the head, so my report will be delayed a few days. In a nutshell, it will say: Two thumbs up for LinuxFest Northwest! So, until then, I leave you with my favorite LFNW 2009 photo as a teaser. UPDATES: LinuxFest Northwest: Gender Imbalance: In this report, the author notes that there is still a noticeable difference in attendance by women vs. men. However, I'll add that I did notice a nice turnout of children at the event, and these weren't just kids dragged along by...
Britta Interviews Richard Stallman

Apr 29, 2009 GMT

Recently, our News Editor, Britta Wülfing, sat down with Richard Stallman in Munich and discussed Software as a Service, patents, protests, and a whole lot more: Patents, Protests, Plebiscites, and Protecting your freedom.
Perhaps you've heard of Jaunty Jackalope?

Apr 23, 2009 GMT

You've probably heard the news: Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope was officially released today. If you have questions about Jaunty, Mackenzie posted a handy FAQ over on her Ubuntu Linux Tips & Tricks site: Jaunty FAQ

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