Interviews: Anne Østergaard and Carla Schroder

Rikki Kite

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Jan 27, 2011 GMT
Rikki Kite

The Fellowship of Free Software Foundation Europe site has an interesting interview with Anne Østergaard. According to the interview, Anne is a former Vice Chairman at GNOME, heavily involved in political lobbying, and fights for changes in software patents and copyright. "Until we have spread the fundamental freedoms of Free Software further there is little chance that we can make individuals understand the importance of being in control of your own life, and being the one to decide from case to case with whom you want to share information on matters you consider to be of a private nature," she says. Anne also discusses sharing private information on Facebook and the risk of basing your business on cloud computing. (Thanks to for linking to this interview.)

And our on site, you can read Amber Graner's interview with Carla Schroder, author of The Book of Audacity. Carla talks about her new book, the Audacity dev team, and her interest in audio recording, but she also offers encouragement and advice for girls and women. "I want to emphasize that it's never too late," she says. "I entered adulthood with all kinds of unfulfilled childhood desires, and have spent my life catching up."

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