117 new Effects for GIMP 2.6

Jun 01, 2009

Thanks to GIMP FX Foundry, you can now equip GIMP 2.6 with 117 additional scripts that can work some spectacular extra effects into existing graphics.

The Gimp FX Foundry SourceForce project made it its assignment to provide scripts for porting into the current GIMP or allow creating them from scratch. The scripts allow GIMP graphics to be endowed with special effects, such as blurring or distorting them in certain ways. The Foundry now provides 117 new scripts for GIMP 2.6 that are not part of the graphic software's standard installation.

Among them are the Roy Lichtenstein effect script to render graphics in the pop artist's style, the Planet Render script to create a planet of your choosing and desired size and dimension. and the Old Photo script to give existing photos that antiquated touch. A complete list of scripts is on the project's documentation page, although details on what each script does are rather sparse. The best thing is to download the script and try it out.

Downloads can be tar or zip. Unpack and copy them into your home directory under the hidden ~/.gimp-2.6/scripts directory. After starting GIMP 2.6, actualize the scripts by using Filter, Script-Fu, then Refresh Scripts. A new Fx-Foundry menu will subsequently appear to access the scripts.

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  • that's cool

    this is really good news, I am a big fan of Gimp .I'v submitted a link of this article to www.linuxine.com in order to share it with more people.thanks!
  • Awsome... Thank you.

    I installed these scripts and experimented a little. Good work. There are some very useful effects here. I will definitely use some on http://bloggajim.com

    Thank you.
  • Awsome... Thank you.

    I downloaded and tried experimented a little. There are some very useful effects here. I'll use some on http://bloggajim.com.

  • Screenshots?

    What would be great is screenshots showing before and after (using open license photos of course). That would also be multi-lingual information.
  • Wow

    This is fantastic! GIMP keeps getting better and better. This is the power of open source.
  • Thank you for the information

    Thank you for the information, I've downloaded the script, I will try it.

    Abyadi Zohri, Indonesia
  • Portable Linux LiveDVD helps business and employees

    Companies not using Linux can still benefit from Linux and Gimp. A Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, Slax, Puppy etc, remix can be created for the company as a training distro around the Gimp. The company can set up a few worstations for the training or can just give out this Linux distro as a liveCD/DVD. The distro should be optimized for the Gimp, but it can be further customized for the work environment. [The business can also create a demo CD which would also feature the company products, services, applications, etc, through shortcuts on the desktop, etc.]

    Optimized for Linux. Optimized for the business. Free to use. Free to share.
  • but at work...

    ...I am not admin of my PC. Company goes XP.
    No problem, there is portable gimp, from http://portableapps.org
    Remember to install the scripts in the correct directory:
    launch gimp, go into the menu
    then Folders->Scripts
    and you will find the folder where to extract the scripts to. In my case it is:

    Ciao, Leodp
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