BRU 1.3 Backup Software Has New GUI and Encryption

Sep 17, 2008

The U.S. network backup software provider TOLIS Group is preparing a new version of its BRU Server data security product and promises significant enhancements.

TOLIS Group specializes in data security for the Linux, Solaris, UNIX, IRIX and Mac OS X platforms under the BRU product name. Its BRU Server variant is intended for server and client network security and is now undergoing wide-ranging changes. The BRU Server version 1.2.5 is currently in external beta and will be followed by a final internal test and modification. The ultimate version should be available as BRU Server 1.3 in a few weeks.

The new software promises numerous functional enhancements, among them a totally reworked graphical interface. Early reports also suggest that a new end-to-end encryption module will be included based on a proprietary algorithm. Bob Christ, Vice President of the TOLIS Group, prizes the new functionality: "The algorithm was developed by our lead BRU Server engineering - he has a PhD in Mathematics - that is exceptionally fast while incurring almost no overhead."

An accompanying new release will be BRU Server 1.3 Desktop. The software will target single-system environments that require the robust cataloguing capability of the BRU Server platform without the need to back up additional systems. The increased functionality will come with a higher price tag. The current BRU Server base version with two clients will cost $699. A time-limited evaluation version is available.

A new variant will also be available for the Mac OS X, although with reduced functionality. Known as BRU LE for OS X, the software will be limited to a single tape drive or HDD enclosure, hence tape libraries are no longer supported. To compensate for this limitation, the price will be comparatively lower.

To participate in the beta test, contact the provider by e-mail at

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