Codethink Releases Baserock 1.1

Aug 30, 2012

Codethink announces version 1.1 (aka Secret Volcano) of its Baserock Embedded Linux software. Baserock is a Linux build system for the development of embedded, industrial or bare-metal, server-based Linux systems.

According to the company, Secret Volcano provides virtual machine images for developers and a sample base image to demonstrate a Baserock-produced small system image. Baserock incorporates automated testing for software development into the continuous integration (CI) process. And, the company says, it reduces the time to market of electronics products by increasing team productivity and lowering the complexity and cost of long-term maintenance.

Baserock makes it easier to develop Linux-based systems and to integrate system components. Products can be kept up-to-date, maintained, and improved through continuous delivery. Baserock lets developers quickly reproduce a specific build and also speeds the process of upgrading and rolling back between different versions of systems.

The Baserock source code is available for building on 64-bit x86 and for ARM systems. Virtual machine binaries are available for 64-bit x86 machines. Access to the open source project is available at, and a commercial version with additional services and support will follow.

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