Elive Has Released a New Beta

Jul 20, 2022

The Elive team is proud to announce the latest beta version (3.8.30) of its Enlightenment-centric Linux distribution.

Elive is one of the lesser-known Linux distributions but holds a special place in my heart because it uses the Enlightenment desktop. For years, Enlightenment was my default because it was one of the more unique and highly configurable desktops on the market. These days, very few distributions offer Enlightenment, so when Elive offers a new release, I pay attention.

This time around, the team has shifted to Debian Bullseye as their base. Bullseye was only recently released (July 9th, 2022), so it's fairly remarkable that the Elive team was able to make the switch so quickly and seamlessly.

As far as what’s new in the beta (besides everything that comes along with Debian “Bullseye”), you’ll find new wallpapers, a significant performance boost in ext4 filesystems, better power management, better Ruby terminal integration, an improved Volume gadget, Cinelerra-gg now available in the 32-bit versions, and improvement to the English language messages.

Of course, most of the improvements come by way of Debian “Bullseye” which includes more software (over 11,294 new packages with 72% of all packages being updated), driverless scanning and printing, control groups V2, persistent systemd journal, kernel support for exFAT, and improved manual page translations.

Read the full release notes for 3.8.30 here and download a copy of the beta here.

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