Foresight Linux with Gnome 2.22

Mar 13, 2008

The latest version 2.0 of the Foresight Linux distribution not only has the brand new Gnome 2.22 in its 32 and 64 bit versions, but also its own package management back-end, dubbed Conary.

Conary does not need to install all dependencies for a package, but simply picks the required files from the packages. Packagekit, which was presented at FOSDEM is the new front-end; KDE or XFCE can be installed.

According to the release notes the installation takes just 10 minutes. A new version of Syslinux replaces the popular Grub boot loader. The developers also say that the new version facilitates the installation of binary drivers for ATI and Nvidia graphics adapters. The distribution does not include Gimp as the developers are waiting for the latest version to be released.

If you are interesting in downloading the new Foresight Linux version, CD and DVD images for 32 and 64 bit systems are available here. This website has more details on the release.

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