Good Hunting: Prey Client for Linux

Dec 09, 2008

Following the release of the Prey Demo, a Linux Client for the game is now available.

Game fans can download the Prey Linux Installer from the website In Prey, the Indian Tommy and his family are abducted by aliens orbiting the earth in a spaceship. Tommy battles the aliens, his physical and mental capabilities becoming more powerful as the game progresses. His Indian ancestry gives him a couple of special possibilities; he can leave his body to scout the environment ahead. Interesting is that gravity on board the spaceship can be manipulated, allowing players to walk on ceilings and walls.

Along with a 2GHz processor, 512MByte RAM and a 64MByte graphic card, the 3 CD original PC version or the DVD Collectors Edition are necessary to run the game. The installer will also recognize the Steam download. In any case, players must be in possession of a unique and valid CD key.

The reasonably sized 43MByte BIN file makes the installer easily manageable. To install Prey, users must direct the installer to the mounted DVD or the NTFS disc:
./prey-installer-12072008.bin --from-install --media '/mnt/ntfsdisk/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/prey/base'

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