Jitterbit 1.3 Supports LDAP

Nov 22, 2007

Version 1.3 of Jitterbit, an integration software has just been released. For the first time Jitterbit can act as an LDAP client and server.

Jitterbit can interface with CRM and ERP systems, online shops and other applications, query data, reformat the data in line with policies, and pass them on to other applications. This gives users the ability to synchronize databases and integrate systems.

The software speaks HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and SFTP, can use the ODBC interface to connect to databases, and access Windows shares. Jitterbit can handle SOAP, WSDL and other XML formats, and text files; it also supports the PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle 8.x -10.x databases.

The current 1.3 version is the first to support LDAP without any add-ons, and can act as a server or client. According to the creators, this gives users the ability to integrate Microsoft’s Active Directory. In addition to this, the developers now support larger HTTP file uploads and have improved XML processing performance.

The software is available under the Jitterbit Public License which the manufacturer derived from the popular Open Source Mozilla Public License. An FAQ page explains the users rights and obligations under the license. Before downloading Jitterbit, which is available for Linux and Windows servers, the vendor requires users to register. The company generates revenue through Jitterbit support, system integration, and other services.

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