K16 Introduced To Focus KDE's Future

Dec 21, 2010

"Where will KDE be in five years,"asks KDE e.V. board member, Frank Karlitschek, and the K16 planning meetings aim to focus community members 'visions' for the project to answer this question.

The first K16 meeting is currently planned for an extended weekend in early 2011 (exact date yet to be determined) and will bring together the members of the K16 organization team and selected members of the KDE community and beyond who are interested in the future of KDE.

K16 is seeking "visionaries, strategists, planners, out-of-the-box-thinkers, realists, dreamers, doers, creators, leaders, coders" and more to "share their visions" for what the KDE project could become in 2016.

From these "visions", K16's goal is to conceive a five year project plan that executes a shared vision and moves the community and development of KDE in common direction.

More information on K16 and how to participate can be found on the KDE website.

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