KDE 4 Too Late for Fedora 8

Aug 31, 2007

The next release of the Fedora Linux Distribution, version 8, will not use KDE 4 as its standard desktop environment. The reason for this is conflict between the two projects' schedules.

The release of the Red Hat-sponsored distribution envisages a final freeze for October 23, 2007, and Fedora 8 should be ready for downloading November 8. The KDE project is also looking to release version 4.0 of its desktop environment October 23, too late for the Fedora community.

Fedora developers have set up a Wiki that details KDE 4 integration. The page is not currently up to date. KDE 4 is planned for introduction with Fedora 9, which is due for release in May 2008.

Although Fedora 8 will be using a desktop environment from the KDE 3.x branch, KDE 4 update packages are likely to become available shortly after the release.

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