Largest Open Source Summit to Date Around the Corner

Sep 06, 2017

LinuxCon is now Open Source Summit.

The Linux Foundation is organizing the first Open Source Summit (OSS) North America in Los Angeles on September 11-14.

Last year, the Linux Foundation changed the name of the event from LinuxCon to Open Source Summit. The name change reflects the growing trend toward the open source development model as the de facto standard in software development, at least in the infrastructure and enterprise space.

This year the event will co-host many other open source events, including Hacking for Humanity – A Social Innovation Hackathon with Girls in Tech; the How to Build Habit-Forming Products Workshop; Kubernetes Core Concepts Live Training; Linux Security Summit; Moby Summit; and the Open Source Entrepreneur Network Symposium.

A major highlight of this year’s summit is a keynote speech by Hollywood actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who played the character of Edward Snowden in Oliver Stone’s movie “Snowden.” Gordon-Levitt has also founded a company called hitREC●rd that has produced TV shows, books, and DVDs using an online collaboration platform.

As usual, a keynote discussion will take place between Linus Torvalds and Jim Zemlin, the executive director of the Linux Foundation.

A full day of Kids Workshop will expose school-aged children to lower level basic coding and computers. The event also provides a daycare program, so working parents can leave their kids at daycare and participate in the events.

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