Linux Voice Joins the Linux New Media Family

Oct 26, 2016

Linux Magazine will include the best of both magazines.

Linux Magazine and Linux Voice magazine ( have reached an agreement to merge within the same folio. Linux Voice joins the Linux New Media family and will live on as a special section within Linux Magazine.

The four Linux Voice founders, Graham Morrison, Ben Everard, Mike Saunders, and Andrew Gregory, will continue to write for Linux Voice in its new form, along with Simon Phipps and other longtime LV contributors. The Linux Voice team will also continue their popular podcast. According to Linux Magazine publisher Brian Osborn, “This change will put us in a stronger position to meet the challenges of the marketplace. Each of these magazines has a loyal following of readers. Our goal is to keep both teams doing what they do best.”

Linux Voice editor Ben Everard says the focus is on the readers. “By bringing together two groups of enthusiastic Linux writers and evangelists, we hope we can make the magazine the community deserves.”

Linux Magazine editor Joe Casad adds that he is excited about the challenge of delivering the best available material to the readers of both publications. “We love the energy and insight these guys bring to what they do, and the truth is, they really know Linux. If any one of them had approached us individually to write for the magazine, we would have been delighted. Now we're getting all of them at once. I think our readers will quickly see the value when they look inside.”

According to Casad, the task of making room for the Linux Voice authors was smoother and easier than anyone expected. “If you look at the number of words on a page, Linux Magazine has always been super packed with content compared with the other magazines in our market. We're confident we can make room for all four of the Linux Voice founders, plus a selection of their most popular contributors, and still have room to do what we have always done, which is provide our own brand of concise technical content for Linux power users and admins.”

Linux Magazine 193, the first issue of Linux Magazine with Linux Voice, will be available online and on UK newsstands on October 29. Linux Pro Magazine (the North American edition) will reach newsstands around November 25.

See the FAQ at the Linux Voice site for more information ( For all other inquiries, reach us at

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