Mpath-tools 1.0.0 with Real-Time Monitor for Web

Jan 27, 2010

The Mpath-tools serve for redundant Internet connections of a site over multiple, heterogeneous ISPs. The currently released version 1.0.0 is enriched with a monitoring Web interface.

The Mpwww monitor uses Ajax and the HTML5 canvas element and shows performance data in real time. It pulls the data from mpathd, the Mpath daemon and core of the tools. Mpathd runs in the background to monitor the state of each connection and update the routing tables according to the current data and rules the administrator sets.

Performance measurements are set by Mping, the multipath-capable version of ping. The new release has IPv6 support for Mping, although not yet in multipath.

The user interface is the Mpath command line that connects to a local or remote mpathd to send commands. The command line has interactive and noninteractive modes.

The Math-tools have a small homepage with a tarball for version 1.0.0 for download under LGPL.

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