Multithreaded Mail Carrier: Postfix 2.6.0

May 19, 2009

Mail transfer agent (MTA) Postfix is now available in version 2.6.0. Managing multiple Postfix instances on a single host is now possible for the first time.

Postfix developers dedicated a website with overview and procedure to setting up multiple instances of Postfix on a host. It encourages simplifying configurations, such as assigning a separate instance for generating locally submitted messages and delivering outbound mail to the MX host. Postfix provides the new postmult command to manage these separate instances.

Further enhancements in version 2.6.0 include Milter plugin support for Sendmail 8.14-like requests. Postfix no longer adds "(Resent-) From," "Date," "Message-ID," or "To" headers to incoming messages. Also, Postfix now natively activates stress-adaptive behavior where the SMTP server can better manage overloads and bursts by using shorter time limits and more child processes.

Postfix 2.6 is available for download from numerous mirrors under IBM Public License.

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