Openmoko Invitation to Codesprint

Oct 08, 2008

The Openmoko project has thrown down the gauntlet to developers, hackers and navigation experts at this years FSCONS in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The free mobile platform is hosting a so-called “sprint” competition which will take place on October 24. Contestants will be given a number of program related challenges that must be completed within a set time limit.

Openmoko focusses primarily on the tool “voj” which enables the Openmoko mobiles to chart, save and disguise routes. Voj is to be integrated into the Openstreetmap infrastructure, enabling free maps to be used for navigation.

Detailed info about the competition can be found at the Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit (FSCONS) website. FSCONS is a conglomerate of the Free Software Foundation Europe, Creative Commons and Wikimedia, Sweden.

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