Power Saving Mini-PC from Israel

Oct 22, 2007

The ENC-iGLX is a tiny PC computer based on AMD's Geode LX processor; about the size of a paperback, the ENC-iGLX is available under the Fit-PC brand with Gentoo or Ubuntu Linux preinstalled, although users can order Windows if they prefer.

The Fit-PC by Israel’s CompuLab consumes a frugal 3 to 5 Watts of power, according to the manufacturer. The PC comes with an AMD LX800-CPU clocked at 500 MHz on a mini-mainboard by AMD, and has 256MB RAM. Thanks to the PC’s x86 architecture, any popular Linux distribution, and deven Microsoft Windows will run on the machine. The integrated Geode LX Display Controller supports display resolutions up to 1920 x 1400 pixels. The 2.5 inch hard disk has a capacity of 40GB. External devices can be attached via two USB 2.0 ports. The Fit-PC has two Fast Ethernet connectors, something really special in the tiny PC class.

Tiny power-saver with Linux preload: the Fit-PC (source CompuLab).

The "ENC-iGLX" is available directly from the manufacturer’s website for US$ 285, along with the similarly configured "ENC-X270". It has an XScale PXA270-CPU clocked at 312 MHz, 512MB Flash memory and 64MB SDRAM. In addition to two network ports, the "ENC-X270" also has 802.11 (b) WLAN functionality. It is even more frugal than the Fit-PC consuming just 1 to 3 Watts per hour according to the vendor. The ENC-X270 is also available directly from Compulab where it is listed at an RRP of US$ 180.

(Jan Rähm)

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  • Watts per hour?

    Since Watts is defined as Joules per second, how can something have Watts per second? I guess you just meant Watts. A 1-3 Watt PC is excellent though - would make a very "green" server!
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