Serna XML Editor to Become Open Source

Jun 19, 2009

Syntext Inc.'s Serna is a WYSIWYG XML editor with previous commercial licensing that should soon become open source.

The step toward open source is Syntext's way to find a larger community for its XML editor. Serna works under Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Sun Solaris/SPARC.

Before Syntext provides any source downloads, it first wants input from the community about how to best collaborate and opened a forum for the purpose. One key issue is the cost of going open source, so that donations for Serna development are sought in addition to a request for sharing ideas and spreading the news. The actual licensing is likely to be LGPL with FLOSS exceptions.

The cost-based Serna Enterprise 4 XML Editor will continue to be available alongside Serna Free XML Editor, the only difference being that Serna Free XML Editor will soon be under a free license.

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