Sony Opens Android Developer Site

Oct 13, 2010

Site created with Google TV in mind.


Sony becomes the first third-party manufacturer to open an Android development site based around the Google TV platform. The development site launch coincides with Sony's demonstration of its first line of Google TV-powered products. Sony is the first television manufacturer to incorporate Google's television search indexing and Internet browsing platform directly into their televisions with four HDTVs in 24-, 32-, 40-, and 46-inch models. Sony has also announced a Blu-Ray player with Google TV onboard that costs around US$ 400.


With Google TV running a modified version of Android 2.2, the platform features its own, specific apps such as a Netflix, CNBC, NBA Game Time, and an app for streaming media, but the platform is also compatible with smartphone apps, which can be downloaded from an Android user's phone onto the platform via the cloud. Google TV apps can also be purchased from the App Marketplace on a desktop and pushed directly to the platform.


There's nothing much to do on Sony's developer site at this time. Developers can register a developer account and then will receive updates when additional tools go live on the dev site. As Google TV gains popularity, expect more sites like Sony's to pop up in the future.

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