Webconverger 4.7 with Firewall and Adobe Reader

Apr 27, 2009

Webconverger, a Linux distro to drive web kiosk systems, is now available in version 4.7. Some updates improve its security.

The Webconverger enhancements in 4.7 include Iceweasel 3.0.9. As in the upstream application Mozilla Firefox, Iceweasel plugs a few security holes. Developers also adapted the browser's User Agent icon to access Microsoft's Hotmail service. In the Firefox kiosk extension, they also deactivated browser access to the protocol prefix file:///.

New to the Debian-based kiosk system is an Iptables firewall plugin that includes a rule that allows explicit printing per CUPS. Backports from Kernel 2.6.29 also improve hardware support. However, developers replaced the free XPDF viewer with the proprietary Adobe Reader, mainly due to XPDF's "unusable printing dialog."

Webconverger 4.7 is available for download on the project homepage as ISO images for CD and USB.

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