Article from Issue 268/2023

In the news: Nobara Project; Gnome 44; Nitrux 2.6; Vanilla OS; Critical Linux Vulnerability Found to Impact SMB Servers; Linux Mint 21.1; Another Attempt at a Linux Tablet; Designing with LibreOffice 2nd Edition; and KaOS Linux 2022.12.

Nobara Project Is a Modified Version of Fedora with User-Friendly Fixes

The Nobara Project's aim is to bring users a better gaming, streaming, and content-creation solution out of the box.

This new Linux distribution (which is not a Fedora Spin) is a completely independent project. This Linux operating system includes NVIDIA drivers, Wine dependencies, OBS Studio, third-party codecs, and a collection of package fixes that are geared toward making it easy for users to immediately be productive, without having to tweak, install, or patch anything.

Pre-installed packages include Blender, DaVinci Resolve, OBS Studio, Wine, Proton, Discord, Flatpak, Steam, Lutris, OnlyOffice, VapourSynth, and much more. You'll also find the RPM Fusion repository that includes both free and non-free software.

Unlike Fedora, Nobara uses AppArmor because it claims AppArmor is more user-friendly, less intrusive, and easier to manage. Nobara ships with the same kernel used in Fedora, with a few added patches.

The Nobara Project ships with the Gnome desktop, and there are no plans to include any other environments.

To read more about Nobara, check out the official website ( and download an ISO for installation from the Nobara Project download page (

Gnome 44 Now Has a Release Date

Although it's a bit premature to talk about what features will be found in the 44th iteration of the Gnome desktop, it's safe to say that the Epiphany web browser will most likely get the GTK4 port we've been waiting for as well as WebExtensions support that will be enabled out of the box. There also may be wider libadwaita support in more apps.

The big question on my mind is will Gnome 44 finally feature the new terminal app, Console, or will it continue on with the current default Gnome terminal?

According to 9To5Linux (, Gedit is making a comeback, although there is no indication it will return as the default text editor. My guess is that the new default will remain the same with the newly-updated Gedit available as an alternative.

The official release schedule for Gnome 44 looks like this:

  • Gnome 44 Alpha: Jan 7, 2023
  • Gnome 44 Beta: Feb 11, 2023
  • Gnome 44 Release Candidate: Mar 4, 2023

Also, it's important to note that even though the official release date for Gnome 44 is on March 22, that does not mean your Gnome-based distribution of choice will have the latest update available. The first distribution that will likely get Gnome 44 will be the nightly release of Gnome OS ( One thing to keep in mind with Gnome OS is that it only runs on bare metal or Flathub Boxes, so you cannot test the distribution as a virtual machine.

You can follow the news for Gnome 44 on the official Gnome Wiki (

Nitrux 2.6 Is Available with Kernel 6.1 and aMajor Change

Nitrux 2.6 is available and there are some serious changes to the distribution. First and foremost, dpkg, apt, and PackageKit package managers have been removed in favor of AppImage or Flatpack.

In the release, FlatHub has been enabled by default, and there are plenty of applications that can be installed with that system.

Users of the Live version of Nitrux will notice that the standard package managers are still available, but once the operating system has been installed, those package managers are no longer enabled.

Other changes include PipeWire as the default sound server, and Wayland has been added but not enabled by default. The default desktop environment is KDE Plasma, and Nitrux 2.6 ships with version 5.26.4, KDE Frameworks 5.101, and KDE Gear 22.12.

Of version 2.6, Uri Herrera (, founder of Nitrux, said "This version of this distribution can be seen as the antithesis of the conventional Linux distribution, where a distribution is entirely devoted to its package manager, but this distribution is not." Herrera continues to say, "Users can use a container of any Linux distribution (Arch, Fedora, Debian, openSUSE, NixOS, Gentoo, and many more), including multiple containers simultaneously; there's no limitation whatsoever."

Read more about Nitrux 2.6 in the official release announcement ( and download your copy now (

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