Apache Announces Cassandra 2.0

Sep 09, 2013

Big Data database rolls out new features and adds new powers to its query language.

The Apache Foundation has announced a new version of the Cassandra NoSQL distributed database. Cassandra, which was originally developed by Facebook, is designed for storing massive quantities of data efficiently, which has made it popular as a database solution for Big Data number-crunching.

According to Apache, "Cassandra powers massive data sets quickly and reliably without compromising performance, whether running in the cloud or partially on-premise in a hybrid data store. Its fully distributed architecture provides unparalleled fault tolerance to ensure applications will not go offline, and its linear scalability allows them to reach massive sizes while successfully handling thousands of requests per second."

New features of the 2.0 release include lightweight transactions, which help to prevent conflicts during concurrent requests; triggers, which "enable pushing performance-critical code close to the data it deals with"; and enhancements to the native query language CQL (Cassandra Query Language).

The Apache Foundation reports that the user base for Cassandra includes tech giants such as IBM, HP, Adobe, CERN, eBay, GoDaddy, and Sony. 

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