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LibreOffice and OpenOffice: comparing the community health

Off the Beat: Bruce Byfield's Blog


Free equivalents for standard proprietary fonts

Off the Beat: Bruce Byfield's Blog


LibreOffice, OpenOffice, and rumors of unification

Off the Beat: Bruce Byfield's Blog


GNOME and KDE: Financials and culture

Off the Beat: Bruce Byfield's Blog


Email Articles with Fetch

Productivity Sauce


KDE Visual Design Group

Designing User Satisfaction


The KDE Visual Design Group follows basic principles to elevate and simplify the user experience.

Exploring the Cinnamon and Mate desktops environments

COVER STORIES: A Taste of Mint free

Publishing with GitBook

LINUXUSER: Git, Markdown, Ebook free

Paperwork battles the increasing stacks of paper

LINUXUSER: Paperless free

LXDE and Razor-qt come together

COVER STORIES: Under One Roof free

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