A guided tour to someone else's network

Step 4: What to Do Once You're In

So you've successfully compromised a host, executed a local attack, and gained root access. Now what? For most attackers, the answer is simple: Install a rootkit [20] to maintain access and then keep going. With access to internal systems (such as file servers), an attacker can create links to shared files, which on Windows, for example, will be executed with "Intranet" if it is within the same network, thus bypassing many of the security protections.

Even if the attacker only has access to a limited web server within your domain, the assailant will be able to attack the network infrastructure (such as routers and switches) directly and spoof email more easily. Alternatively, an attacker might simply use your systems as part of a botnet to attack other hosts and networks, send spam, and harvest personal information. The possibilities are endless.


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