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Thanks for your feedback. Our goal is always to be polite to readers at all levels. Please accept our apologies if we occasionally slip up on that.

We continue to chart a course to serving a spectrum of the Linux community from relative beginners to advanced power users and professionals. Having said that, it is very difficult to simultaneously serve the segment of first-level "What is Linux?" beginners and also address the needs of our core audience. We feel that we offer a good mix of material for hobbyists who wish to explore Linux and improve their skills, but ultimately, for readers who are brand new to Linux, this magazine is not (and isn't intended to be) a replacement for a "Getting Started" guide or an introductory textbook.


Some of you might have noticed a typographical error in the introduction of the Practical Strace article in the August 2009 issue (Issue 105). The Hello Again section, which summarizes Part 1 of the series, shows an example of the strace command. The second filename in the command line should not have a .c extension. As Part 1 states (see Strace, by Juliet Kemp, June 2009, pg. 53), you must compile the C program before running strace on it.

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