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Paw Prints * Jon "maddog" Hall

"Open" is as "Open" Does: Parsing an Announcement

One of the great things about studying compiler theory is that you learn a lot about avoiding ambiguity in language. Computer languages should not be ambiguous, since there is little time for the compiler or the computer to come back and ask, "Did you really mean that?"

Productivity Sauce * Dmitri Popov

Transfer Photos to Linux From Transcend WiFi SD Card Using TransSVR

Transcend WiFi SD cards offer a simple and economical way to add wireless transfer capabilities to your camera. Using the accompanying app, you can use your Android device for transferring and previewing photos. The WiFi SD card also features a web interface, so it's possible to access and transfer photos using a regular browser.

Writebox: Almost Perfect Chrome/Chromium Text Editor

While it might look like yet another lightweight text editor for Google Chrome and Chromium, Writebox features functionality essential for any writing professional. For starters, Writebox works offline, which makes it a perfect text editor for working on text files while offline.

Keep Tabs on Social Media Accounts with HubYard

Twitter, Tumblr, RSS, YouTube, Instagram – there is a myriad of sources that compete for your attention. To make matters worse, each service wants you to use its own app or website, so things can quickly get out of hand if you need to keep up with all your social media services. Enter HubYard – an open source platform for aggregating and managing social media accounts.

Scribble Notes in Your Browser with Notepad5

Notepad5 can come in rather handy when you need to take notes without leaving the convenience of your favorite browser. This super simple browser-based text editor can run locally (perfect when you are offline), and it's surprisingly functional despite being rather bare-bones. Users practicing the art of distraction-free writing will appreciate Notepad5's minimalist interface.


Virtuous Benchmarks: Using Benchmarks to Your Advantage * Jeff Layton

Benchmarks have been misused by both users and vendors for many years, but they don't have to be the evil creature we all think them to be.

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