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Paw Prints * Jon "maddog" Hall

Design a Micro-Data Center: Win 10000 US dollars

For a couple of years, I have been interested in small, low-power, single-board computers. At first, they were interesting as "thin clients" or "media centers," or other standalone uses. I used units like the BeagleBone Black, the UDOO, and others, and tested their capabilities.

Productivity Sauce * Dmitri Popov

Build and Track Habits with the Did I App

Need help developing good habits and get rid of bad ones? Try the Did I app for Android. This simple tool that lets you record whether you performed a specific action or not. For example, if you start a language course or 365 photography project, use the app to create Did I practice? and Did I photograph? entries. You can then use the Yes and No buttons to track your progress, and the dedicated Progress screen provides a visual overview of your performance.

Extract Highlights and Annotations from Kobo Ebook Reader

Kobo ebook readers are great, but they have one weak spot: There's no easy way to export annotations and highlights. The good news is that Kobo readers run Linux and they store all data (including highlights and annotations) in the KoboReader.sqlite SQLite database inside the hidden .Kobo directory. Better still, a Python script developed by Alberto Pettarin can do all the hard work for you.

Extension Watch: Rubber Tab for Google Chrome and Chromium

The new tab screen in Google Chrome and Chromium is neither exciting nor particularly useful. However, the Rubber Tab extension transforms a new tab page into a hub of useful information. Once installed, the extension adds default bars to the new tab page, including current date and time, new email message count (it supports Gmail only), weather conditions, browser history, and news.

Extend Android Clipboard Functionality with ClipStack

Although Android supports the cut-and-paste functionality, it's seriously limited because of a rather basic clipboard feature. To improve it, you can install ClipStack. This open source app not only allows you to store an unlimited number of items in the clipboard, it also adds some useful features.


Nmon: All-Purpose Admin Tool * Jeff Layton

HPC administrators sometimes assume that if all nodes are functioning, the system is fine. However, the most common issue users have is poor or unexpected application performance. In this case, you need a simple tool to help you understand what's happening on the nodes.

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