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Eolie 0.9

There's always space for another web browser, especially a minimal one that works well with Gnome and Gtk+. Not including its Python dependencies, Eolie's install size is a mere 1.62MB on Arch. What's even more surprising is that Eolie is a lot more than a simple wrapper around the Python libraries that do all the web rendering. It's a very slick, quick, and functional browser that includes nearly all the features you'll ever need. The user interface is exceptional and quite unique in a variety of ways. One is that a side pane is used to host tabs rather than a horizontal bar. This functionality merges into a bookmarks system, as you quickly move between the thumbnails of the tabs you have open. It works brilliantly, and it's great to see a system that seems built for the wide displays most of us now use. Even the thumbnails are wide and show a useful preview of the page. But these aren't the only graphical innovations in Eolie.

Rendering is quick; new private pages can be instantiated quickly; images, ads, and popups can be disabled and reenabled from a clear filtering menu; and WebKitGTK means it works with all the sites and pages you'd expect. There's even the facility to sync your bookmarks, history, and password with Firefox Sync if you need to, which would also be useful if you wanted to use both browsers. The ability to download all images from a single page is built into the main application. Combined with Gnome's window decoration minimalism, the entire Eolie package feels very modern, yet it is still in the early development phase. If development keeps at the current pace, we'll have another brilliant first-class browser on the Gnome desktop just in time for Ubuntu with Gnome to land.

Project Website

If you want to try Eolie without worrying about installation, the Flatpak download is distro agnostic and includes all the dependencies.

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