Gravit Designer vector graphics tool

More Effects!

At first glance, the selection of effects (bottom right) appears very sparse. The software initially only offers the functions already mentioned when activating an object or group. A number of effects are found under More, which somewhat alleviates the spartan impression. However, the design of the dialog is unfortunate (Figure 9).

Figure 9: Gravit Designer's dialog for offering additional effects has an unfortunate design.

For example, you can't get an overview of all the functions: In a drop-down menu, you first need to select which additional effects you want to see before choosing a single effect from the selection that the program applies directly without a preview – at least the action can be undone. The visibility icon, which only appears when you mouse over the title bar of the effects dialog, is a way to disable selected effects temporarily without deleting them directly.

The window is usually too small to show all the Adjustments options, and the preview images are also too small to be useful. Only trial and error will help you here.


Gravit Designer is a cloud-integrated JavaScript application that generates and processes graphics in the open SVG format. It does not come close to the abilities of Inkscape, but it also requires less training.

Although it is a free program, Gravit Designer is proprietary software. If you opt to use the Gravit Cloud, you deliver yourself and your data to the manufacturer, for better or worse. Apart from tutorials in the form of videos, you will find almost no structured information on how to use the program.

The intended target group is certainly not professional designers. Even for users who only occasionally use the software, the program will probably leave you with mixed impressions. It is very annoying that the option of saving files in SVG does not work well enough to use the software in conjunction with other programs. Thus, it remains an isolated solution.

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