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In a nutshell, Zorin has something for everyone – almost everyone. Whether you are a casual Linux gamer, a casual PC user, an enterprise customer, a Windows user on the fence, or an enthusiast like me, Zorin is worth trying out.

"Our developers and engineers are the same people who read and reply to customer support messages, which gives the whole team a deep understanding of what our users want out of Zorin OS and what parts of the operating system they might be having issues with. This knowledge goes straight back into the development process and helps us prioritize which features would help the user most and provide the best user experience possible," said Zorin.

As a result, Zorin OS is designed based on what users need and not necessarily what developers want.

I must admit that I was not previously a huge fan of Zorin. I always disliked distros that tried to mimic the appearance of Windows to appeal to those users. The distros didn't go beyond that, and the access to Wine and PlayOnLinux for running Windows applications never seemed as smooth as advertised.

However, ever since I actually used Zorin, I have become a huge fan of this distro. It does extra work to offer support for Windows applications. Even if you don't use Windows applications, Zorin OS is a great distribution for a Linux puritan. It has now become one of my most recommended distributions. Try it; you won't be disappointed.

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