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Article from Issue 236/2020

Looking for software to help you manage your money? The personal finance program KMyMoney can help you track income and expenses and better plan your financial future.

If you are looking to keep track of your finances, improve your financial planning, and discover potential savings, it's essential to accurately track your assets and expenses. KMyMoney [1], a KDE financial management program, is designed to make this process easier. While it is primarily aimed at individuals tracking their personal finances, it may also be useful for some smaller commercial enterprises and associations.

As of this writing, the latest version of KMyMoney is 5.0.7. It runs not just on KDE Plasma, but also on Gnome (e.g., on Ubuntu). The program sources are available for download from the KDE website. The commands from Listing 1 allow you to install KMyMoney below /opt/ in a terminal window. This relies on CMake [2], which most popular distributions preinstall, but you may need to install it first depending on your system.

On Ubuntu, you can set up KMyMoney in a terminal window using the command:


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