Reinventing file storage with semantic tagging

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Article from Issue 236/2020

Assigning file names based on defined criteria saves time and maximizes your chances of finding the file later.

Everyone is familiar with the problem of losing data neatly stored on your own computer. Navigating through countless directories does not lead to the desired result, because the data you are searching for might be in a file with a random name – or a name you thought was logical at the time but proved forgettable later.

A full-text search would seem to offer a remedy, but full-text search usually requires additional – and often quite considerable – resources. Moreover, despite a sophisticated full-text search, you might overlook the desired document in the flood of results if the keywords are too broadly defined.

Many studies show that almost all computer users have experienced this situation. This problem is often not due to having a bad memory, or a lack of computer skills, but is instead attributable to the design of modern environments. All too often, the environment requires the user to adapt to the computer, rather than the computer adapting to the situation.


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